Dragons Den Project

30 second pitch: Hi I’m Kevin hollowink. I made a dog walking service the other day for people in my neighbourhood. Right now I’m charging people only $5.00 an hour and I should profit at east $8.00 a day. If any of You’ve a dog or are planning on getting a dog you should consider using my service if you’re too busy working or going to school and can’t take care of your dog. Thanks for listening to me!

Social media account: Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 8.56.33 AM.png


Business Plan Summary

Kevin Hollowink

Business Name: Formula Dog Walking

Idea: I will run a dog walking service.

Marketing: I will make social media accounts on Instagram, twitter and Facebook and people can contact me on there.

Customers: My customers will generally be teenagers and adults. People who have dogs but are too busy to look after them.

Promotion: I will pay for an ad in the newspaper and if I get to busy I will just stop advertising.


Startup costs: $11.00

Expenses per unit: Product for 1 day = 72.00. 1 dog for 4 hours = 20$.

Price per unit: $5.00 an hour for 1 dog.

Profit per unit: At least $8.00 a day.


Marketing Mix: Reflexion


By Kevin Hollowink

The brand that I chose to review out of the three ice cream brands was Ben and Jerry’s.



Link to Ben and Jerry’s website is http://www.benjerry.com


Q: Do they need to modify their marketing mix at all? Why or why not.

A: I think they need to modify the website just a little bit. It doesn’t say how it gets transported to stores and it doesn’t really mention the price that much. Overall, the website could improve with a little more detail.

Q: Product: What do you think sets the product apart? is that clear to consumers, and is there a specific reason why consumers buy this product? Explain.

A: This product looks really appealing compared to other products from other ice cream companies. I think it generally should be clear to consumers. consumers that care about the environment possibly like Ben and Jerry’s more than other ice cream companies because Ben and Jerrys packaging is environmentally friendly.

Q: Place: Is the product being sold in the right place? Where else would you sell it (list 2 types of places)?

A: Ben and Jerry’s products are being sold in grocery stores worldwide. 2 other places they could sell their products is get local ice cream trucks in communities that go around and sell there products or they could do online shipping and a refrigerated truck could drop off the ice cream to the customer.

Q: Promotion: Are they promoting it in a way that fits the brand? Name 2 other promotion ideas. Be specific.

A: Ben and Jerry’s has many different promoting ideas, including a website, coupons, tours, recipes of the ice cream, supports charity and their website has a game. 2 other promotion ideas that ben and Jerrys could use is use more commercials and mail people flyers and coupons instead of just putting them onto their website.

Q: Price: is their price reasonable? Do you think it’s based on value, competitor pricing, or cost of the product? Explain why.

A: Their price is reasonable, however, it is a little more expensive than brands just as good if not better than them. I think it is mainly based on cost of the product because there pricing ranges from $5 – $9 and it obviously isn’t based on competitor pricing because they have more expensive ice cream than Haagen Dazs and Chapman’s.


Minimalists Documentary

Q: What is your impression of the 2 minimalists, Ryan and Josh? Are they smart, too extreme, or just cheap? Why do you think this?

A: I think that they’re smart but also too extreme. josh said he’d rather have 1 nice sweatshirt over 30 ugly sweatshirts. But I don’t think he’s thinking about what sweatshirt he’d wear when that one sweatshirt is dirty.

Q: Do you think you could ever do what they’re doing? Explain.

A: I don’t think I could even come close to what they’re doing. I am a hoarder because I hate getting rid of things. I have a great memory with almost everything I have so thats why I don’t like getting rid of my accessories.

Q: In what areas of your life could you reduce consumption?

-Screen time

-Clothing purchases

-Food purchases

-Living space


What steps could you take to do this?

A: I think I do a good job on not buying too many clothes, however, their is definitely room for improvement for me getting rid of clothes. I hate getting rid of clothes and I have clothes still that are tiny on me. I can try to limit my screen time, I buy every other iPhone that comes out and I feel like I should brainstorm first on wether thats a good investment or not.

PSA Review

In the USA, 29 people die a day to drunk driving which averages out to 1 person every 50 minutes. Driving impaired either with drugs or alcohol is a big issue and that is what the PSA was on that I have chosen to review. I think this PSA is effective because its letting us know that true friends are the ones that don’t let you drive drunk, true friends care about your health and safety. This can be taken many different ways from people, this personally reminded me that my friends aren’t always capable of making their own decisions and that sometimes I will have to make the decisions to look out for them.


Link to PSA.