Minimalists Documentary

Q: What is your impression of the 2 minimalists, Ryan and Josh? Are they smart, too extreme, or just cheap? Why do you think this?

A: I think that they’re smart but also too extreme. josh said he’d rather have 1 nice sweatshirt over 30 ugly sweatshirts. But I don’t think he’s thinking about what sweatshirt he’d wear when that one sweatshirt is dirty.

Q: Do you think you could ever do what they’re doing? Explain.

A: I don’t think I could even come close to what they’re doing. I am a hoarder because I hate getting rid of things. I have a great memory with almost everything I have so thats why I don’t like getting rid of my accessories.

Q: In what areas of your life could you reduce consumption?

-Screen time

-Clothing purchases

-Food purchases

-Living space


What steps could you take to do this?

A: I think I do a good job on not buying too many clothes, however, their is definitely room for improvement for me getting rid of clothes. I hate getting rid of clothes and I have clothes still that are tiny on me. I can try to limit my screen time, I buy every other iPhone that comes out and I feel like I should brainstorm first on wether thats a good investment or not.


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