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creative brief shoe

Project name and description:

New Nike air max 180 basketball shoes.

Prepared by:

Kevin Hollowink.


Nike is launching a new pair of basketball shoes labelled as “Nike air max 180”. The major marketing problem is the popularity of basketball shoes currently and many people (some aren’t even basketball players) are buying basketball shoes for their style and to fit in. Our business goal for this product is to make this shoe above and beyond both with style and comfort, so you can wear them as basketball shoes to elevate your game on the court, or even if you don’t play basketball you can wear them for a sick style and to fit in with today’s society. This is an opportunity for Nike to improve their record on great basketball shoes, and to make sure no company will catch up to them. Nike is a huge company for many things like clothing and basketball shoes. The Nike Air max 180 will make Nike even more successful and popular. They’re known for having great products.


The objective of this is to convince the audience that this is the right shoe for them. This shoe is better than the average basketball shoe and I would personally consider it an above average shoe for high level players.

Target audience:

The target audience for this product is for people aged 10-40 years of age. Many high level basketball players (like people in the NBA) may be encouraged to buy these for a sponsorship by Nike. If that was the case, that would encourage many younger players who look up to them to want those shoes too. For people who don’t want to spend 300$ on basketball shoes and want a not overly high price and a good deal on a good pair of shoes, this is our audience. People above 40 years of age, who don’t play any sports probably wouldn’t be interested in this product. The audience for this product will be located all over the world. Basketball is a world-wide sport and many people across the globe will be interested in buying these amazing pair of shoes. We can communicate with our audience by commercials, billboards or advertise any other way. Nike is a famous company and many people will go to a retail store like sport check and ask for a pair of nike shoes and see the large selection.


The Nike air max 180 basketball shoes, contain 50% more air than the average basketball shoes. With this product, we aren’t only caring about our success as a company, however, were also focusing on making our customers better basketball players. This is one of the most underrated basketball shoes in history that many people don’t know about.

Reasons why:

1: It is an extremely comfortable shoe, it is more comfortable than the other air max shoes that have  come out.

2: It consists of light material which will not feel heavy while running our jumping.

3: It’s a great shoe for people who have wide feet. Personally, I cannot fit in the KD shoes or the new Lebron shoes because my feet are too wide to get inside of the shoe. However, this shoe can fit a lot of space in them!

4: The price is reasonable, not overpriced.

5: The shoe looks really nice, most basketball players not only care about how comfortable their shoe is, but also the design and how they look.

6: There are various colour options for the shoe.


The Nike air max 180 shoes have the same design no matter what colour you get, the colours that it comes in are white, blue, orange and purple.






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