Analyze An Ad

Analyze an Ad

What product or service is being advertised?

The product or service that is being advertised is nike shoes.

What are the messages of the ad? Are the messages the same as the product(s)?

The main message of the ad is saying, if you buy these shoes you’ll basically be able to jump higher. The message is the same as the product.

What techniques are used to convey the messages? Is the ad promising to fulfill a deep desire or need? (e.g. love, happiness, wealth, beauty, friendship, joy?)

the technique used to convey the message is it shows the shoes lifting off the ground as if someone is jumping. The ad isn’t really promising to fulfill a deep desire or need, its just claiming you’ll be able to jump higher and have better stability.

Who is the target audience and how do you know? what might their response to the ad be?

The audience is athletes, probably basketball players. I know because no one really cares about how high they can jump besides athletes, and these look like basketball shoes, they obviously aren’t cleats or anything. Lots of basketball players would be caught.

Who is excluded by the ad? (i.e., what classes, races, body types, values, etc.)?

People that don’t really care about style and there physical ability. probably seniors.


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